The Perfect Gift For Your Hard Working Husband!

I am writing this article partly as a plea for something (haha). I have wanted a leather laptop bag for quite some time now and I thought this could be the perfect outlet for me. So, if you haven’t guessed yet, I am “the husband” and I am looking to help you ladies do for your man, what my wife did NOT do for me.


I get up every morning around six in the morning, I rush through my morning routine in order to be the first person in the office. My parents, wife, friends and co-workers consider me extremely hard working. But, there is something that’s holding me back. MY WIFE.. haha, just kidding.. It’s my laptop bag. For six months I have been using this crumby, piece of junk bag that I picked up at a local discount store.

I woke up one morning, as usual. But, there was something that WILDLY through off my morning routine (and entire week at work). As I was loading my laptop into this “new” laptop bag I purchased, I heard it clunk to the floor, I closed my eyes and prayed it was ok before looking down. Unfortunately, my prayers were not answered. My laptop was broken, all because of this horrible bag, I thought I was saving good money with. Instead that cheap bag cost me an additional two thousand dollars (because I had to buy a new laptop).


At least my files were backed up to the cloud, so I didn’t lose any data (including this massive presentation I was working on).

So the hunt begins, I start searching the internet for a high quality leather laptop bag, that will hopefully last the rest of my working career (without any more casualties). I stumbled upon this site Boconi, there bags are beautiful and look pretty sturdy. I did the usual hint of leaving the page open on my computer (my new one) so the wife would see it and buy it for my birthday.

I left the house (grocery shopping), and when I came back, the page was closed… YES! She got the hint! Right? Read on…

My birthday is getting closer and closer now. Oh yeah, and in the meantime with no laptop bag, I have been using my backpack from college. I look so ridiculous I (and my co-workers) can’t handle it. If I had to get called “book bag boy” one more time walking into work, I was going to start knocking people out”.

Finally the day comes, it’s my birthday! I get home from a hectic day at work, when I see my wife approaching me with a gift-wrapped package. I think to myself, “this is it, finally I got that Boconi, leather laptop bag”. I begin to open the gift and realize…. It’s another bag from the discount store. Then my wife says, with a smile on her face “I saw you were looking at new laptop bags, so I stopped out and grabbed you one!” I smiled and said “Thanks!”.

…I filed for divorce the next day.


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