Deal with dry skin with these amazing tips

Dry skin is a common problem with many people during winter season. If left untreated, the skin can become flaky, itchy and reddish. Treating dry skin is not very difficult. We just have to bring small changes in our lifestyle and pamper our skin a little more. This article deals with amazing tips that can help you to enjoy smooth and soft skin even during the cold and dry winter months.

  • Moisturize your skin with natural products

Lots of moisturizer is the key to smooth and glowing skin. However, it is better not to use commercially available creams. Moisturize your skin with natural products like pure coconut oil, shea butter or cocoa butter. These products will not only nourish your skin deeply, but also enrich it with proteins and vitamins A, D, C and E. Regular use of natural products can help you to achieve smooth glowing skin that will look fresh and young.

  • No tap water for face

Tap water contains chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, etc. These chemicals steal away moisture from the skin, making them dry and flaky. Therefore, use cold mineral water to clean your face. You can even avoid water, if possible. Instead, use lotions, cleansing milks or toners to remove impurity and keep your face clean as well as soft.

  • Use mild soap

Soap tends to dry the skin even more. Restrict your use of soap in winters. Use it every alternate day. Do not apply too much of soap and keep your bath short. Do not use a scrubber for your skin while having bath. Oatmeal soap is a mild scrubbing soap. Use it once a week to exfoliate your body gently. Softly pat your skin dry and apply shea butter or any oil. This will help to retain moisture and keep your skin soft.

  • Have healthy oils

Including healthy oils in your diet can improve the condition of your skin. Cod liver oil, food with omega-3, walnuts, coconut oil, fresh cold water fish, organic butter and safflower oil are some of the food that can moisturize your skin internally.

  • Buy a humidifier

Humidifier can improve your skin almost instantly. Plug it in the room or office area where you spend most of your time. Humidifier will fill the room with adequate moisture and your skin will feel less dry and healthy.

  • Develop healthy habits

Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water is a healthy habit that everyone must develop. Water keeps your skin hydrated and thus it will look soft and fresh. Avoid coffee, alcohol and smoking, as these dehydrate the skin making it look dull and dark.

  • Do not use very hot water

Lukewarm water is good for the skin during winters. However, very hot water for bath can steal away all the moisture. Your skin will feel rough and dry.

  • Exfoliate regularly

Dry skin tends to accumulate lots of dead skin. Your moisturizer would not work properly if your face is covered with dead skin. Therefore, it is important to use a gentle scrub once or twice a week to remove all the dead skin and keep your skin soft.

  • Keep your lips soft

Lips are a very important part of your face. Winter leaves them dry and chapped. Exfoliate them with a gentle sugar scrub especially made for the lips and then moisturize them with petroleum jelly.

These tips are easy to follow and are sure to do wonders to your skin. No longer will you complain of bad skin during winters. Within a matter of few days, you will start noticing improvement in your skin. So, go ahead and face this winter with smooth and glowing skin.

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