10 Easy DIY Beauty Hacks that You Need to Know

While a lot of people believe that beauty needs pampering and that means spending a lot of money on different treatments or on buying high-end makeup products, let us tell you that you do not need to spend a lot of money to look beautiful. Here are 10 easy beauty hacks that will not just save your money, but your time too while making you look gorgeous.

We hope you find them helpful.

1. Fix broken lipstick with a lighter

Ever experienced a mini heart attack on breaking your favorite lipstick? Nothing to be ashamed of, we all have been there. Here’s good news for you, you don’t have to throw that lipstick away anymore. Just take a lighter and heat the lipstick in the packing till it starts melting. Then gently put the broken part on it and hold it till it gets cool. You can also put it in the fridge, so it is attached properly.

2. Use scotch tape for that winged eyeliner

Applying the perfect winged eyeliner can be hard, especially if you are new to it. Here’s a trick, apply scotch tape at the end of your eyes in upward direction, giving a platform for the wing. Apply eyeliner on your eye and then continue it in the direction of the scotch tape.

3. Dry mascara hack

You don’t need to throw your mascara away if it dries, take a cup or hot water and put your mascara tube (closed tightly) in it. Wait for a minute or so and take it out. It’s perfect for use.

4. Turn your pencil eyeliner into gel eyeliner

Want to save some money but need a gel eyeliner too? Heat your pencil eyeliner before using it, so it melts and here you go, your that’s your DIY gel eyeliner.

5. DIY moisturizing lipstick

Here’s another beauty hack for you. Take your favorite Blush on, scrape it off the palette and mix with your favorite lip balm and you have your new lipstick ready.

6. Baby powder for false eyelashes

Can’t get new false eyelashes or can’t find yours when you are in a hurry? Not a big deal. Here is a quick and fun hack. Apply mascara to your eyelashes, then apply some baby powder with a q tip, and then apply mascara again.

7. DIY peel off base coat

Glitter nail paints look gorgeous, we all love them, but it is often hard to remove them properly. Here’s something for you. Want to apply glitter nail paint but for a limited time? Use Elmer’s glue as a base coat before applying the glitter nail paint. And pull the dried glue off when you want to remove the nail paint.

8. Plumped lips hack

We all love plumped lips, but do you know that you can get them while going out without having any sort of treatment or using a lip plumper? To make your lips plumped up, apply lipstick and then highlight the middle of your lips with a light, shiny eyeshadow.

9. Curled eyelashes hack

Have a trouble curling up your eyelashes properly? Happens a lot of time, but here is a quick hack. Heat your eyelash curler up before using and you will see how quickly it curls your eyelashes up.

10. Perfect skin hack

Here’s to skin pampering. Mix a tablespoon of honey with some lavender oil, almond oil, rosewater and a lemon. Keep this mask/spray with you and apply twice a day and you won’t need any skin treatment. This will help you with moisturizing your skin, preventing dullness, clearing blemishes and a lot more.

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